10 ways to increase your Alexa rank

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The traffic ranking published by Alexa.com represents a rough measurement of a website’s popularity, measuring its reach and traffic and allowing web page administrators to describe their sites and compare their visits and pageviews to their competitors. The place the website occupies in Alexa’s ranking represents a measure of its popularity worldwide, or in a certain country.

There are over 170 million web sites on the internet (according to a study published one year ago, since then there might be more or less), so being in the top 1 percent of the Alexa ranking (the top 1.7 million most popular web sites in the world) is quite an achievement.

Alexa rankings are calculated based on those internet users’ activity that have the Alexa toolbar installed on their computers. The accuracy of this ranking may or may not be accurate, but it can give you an idea about the overall popularity of any webpage.

So, you are a website administrator and you would like to have your Alexa ranking increased. Here are some tips that can help you do so.

1. First of all, considering that the Alexa toolbar is the tool that helps Alexa assess the popularity of a site, you should install Alexa Tooblar on your computer. The toolbar attaches itself to your web browser – there is a version available for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, there is an extension for Chome and there are methods to add it to Opera browser as well.

2. Get others to use Alexa toolbar as well. Friends, friends of friends, family members, site / blog visitors can help you increase your traffic rank. Be sure to explain to them what they are installing and how they should use it. Don’t forget about your co-workers – if you work at a large company with lots of computers hooked up to the internet, each one can mean a visit a day.

3. Write about Alexa. If you create unique and valuable content about increasing ones Alexa ranking, it will determine others to read and link to you, thus increasing your ranking.

4. Place an Alexa ranking widget on your website. This can attract clicks that count as visits, even if the visitor does not have Alexa toolbar installed on their computer.

5. Make use of Alexa’s redirects to your website. Wherever it’s possible, submit links to your website in the following format: http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?yoursite.com. Use it in blog comments, forum signatures, wherever it’s applicable. Use it carefully‚Ķ

6. Speaking of forums: publish your link in your signature on webmaster forums. Lots of webmasters have Alexa toolbar installed, so, each click you receive from them may result in the increase of your ranking.

7. Use social news services, such as Digg, Delicious or Slashdot to get new visitors. Be sure to have valuable content that people will vote and share. This way you can get a large number of visitors in a short amount of time.

8. Spend on increasing your visitor count. Use PPC advertising, such as AdWords or ExactSeek, to get loads of visitors to your site. Also, you can buy banners or link ads on webmaster forums – this will bring loads of valuable clicks to your website, increasing your rank.

9. Get social. Lots of visitors can be attracted from the leading social networks, such as Facebook, MySpace and Google Plus. Posting your links on Asian social networks can help as well – several such sites are in the Alexa top 500, suggesting they are quite popular and attract loads of users.

10. Create quality and unique content. Content is king, they say – the better your content is, the more visitors your site will attract and the more backlinks it will get.

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